Attending a group or workshop can be a great way to learn about issues that are impacting on your life, and a place to learn practical strategies that you can use to make changes for a more positive and fulfilling life.   They can be particularly helpful if you’re wanting to learn new coping strategies but don’t want (or need) to attend counselling.  Groups can also be helpful for people who have previously attended counselling but are looking for general information and perhaps a few new skills to try out.

Groups are usually run with between 6 and 12 people.  They are informal – a space for you to reflect on the skills and knowledge you already have, a chance to meet people and learn from each other, and an opportunity to learn practical and effective strategies to cope with life’s challenges.

There are no embarrassing role-plays to perform in front of an audience!  But to get the most out of your participation, do be prepared to participate in general discussions, to brainstorm ideas, share your wisdom with others, and to practice new skills in paired exercises/activities.

Groups run for 6 weeks: you attend six weekly sessions that last for 2 hours each, with a 10 minute break.

These groups are run regularly throughout the year:

Building Self Confidence.

Anger Management.

Positive Parenting: Being Firm and Kind.


Cost & Medicare Rebates

Medicare rebates are available for attending the groups/workshops run by sdpsychology.   Talk to your GP if you are wanting a referral to a psychologist to attend a group.

Medicare rebates are available for 12 groups sessions each calendar year.  You will need to obtain a GP Mental Health Care Plan prior to attending your first group session in order to obtain the rebate.


Bookings & Enquiries

To make a booking or for more information, phone 0407 557 632

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