sdpsychology provides training on a range of workplace issues, with the aim of providing your employees with the skills to help them to respond to everyday challenges with confidence.

Popular 2-hour training sessions provided by sdpsychology include:

Coping with Stress. Learn about how stress impacts on us, learn strategies to think about stressful situations in different ways, and mindfulness techniques.

Assertive Communication Skills. Explore elements of effective communication, the difference between aggression and assertiveness, and learn practical assertiveness skills.

Responding to Depressed or Distressed Clients. Identify the challenges when working with clients who are distressed, including clients who seem depressed, very angry, or talking about suicide.  Explore what your role is – how to help without being expected to be a counsellor!  Learn practical strategies to link clients in with support services, and how you can take care of your well-being.

Psychological First Aid. Simple guidelines for helping people who have experienced natural disasters or other traumatic events.   This course is for people working in any profession, and is relevant for both managers and front-line staff.


Training for organisations in the health and welfare sectors include:

Reflective Practice.

Good Documentation Practices.

Assessing and Responding to Risk.

Tailored Training Packages

Training can be tailored and developed to your business needs.

We can work with you to clarify what your training needs are, and the type of training that will provide your staff with the information and skills they need.










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